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University at Buffalo - Zodiaque Dance Company 45th Anniversary Celebration

I am so honored to be heading back to my alma mater, The University at Buffalo, to receive a Zodiaque Dance Company Distinguished Alumni Award.

Click HERE to read more about the 45th anniversary celebration of Zodiaque Dance Company



American Dance Festival - Durham Master Classes and Auditions

I will be returning to Durham, North Carolina to teach several Masterclasses and lead a few auditions for ADF’s summer programs! Join me at the ADF studios on January 19th.

Click HERE for more information about ADF.


Alabama Dance Festival

I am excited to be heading to Birmingham, Alabama as a guest artist at the Alabama Dance Festival in January 25th and 26th. I will be teaching 2 masterclasses and conducting an audition for The American Dance Festival’s summer program!

Click HERE for more information about the festival.



Journal of Dance Education

Be sure to check out my first published scholarly article in the January 2019 edition of the Journal of Dance Education.  

"Teaching Performance Practice: Using Experiential Observation to Access and Develop a Practice of Performance"



Recent Projects