Choreographic Research

My choreographic work has examined the combination of Contemporary Jazz-based movement vocabularies with Minimalist choreographic methodologies. I have endeavored to examine the role of a person in relationship, in community, and alone in the world. This has been done in an effort to source for emotional access points in abstract pieces of choreography. I have found this choreographic pairing of Minimalism and Jazz-based Contemporary dance to be successful in the creation of work that is simultaneously predicated on Minimalist structure and the projection of humanity inside the execution of the work. In my career, I have created 25+ works that have been presented for Dance Companies, Universities, and for my own choreographic projects. 




 Choreographic Samples



Point Park University - 2015

15 dancers

Dancers: Point Park University Dance Majors

Music: Max Richter, Philip Sheppard, Alexander Balanescu


I Insist

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

1 Dancer

Dancer: Matt Pardo

Music: Cliff Martinez, Zoe Keating



in the hive we are one and many...

Skidmore College

8 dancers

Dancers: Skidmore College Dance Majors

Music: Philip Glass, Nosaj Thing, Zoe Keating